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LED Red & Infrared Light Therapy 40 X 20 CM Flexible Pad

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Product Introduction

Our LED Red(660nm) & Infrared(850nm) Light Therapy products have a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Light Therapy can be used to aid in faster healing, pain relief, immune boosting, anti- aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more. Our LED Red & Infrared Light Therapy safely deliver optimal wavelengths and energy levels of Red and Near-Infrared light without any harmful UV rays or excess heat all in the comfort of your home.

The LED Red & Infrared Light Therapy 40 X 20 CM Flexible Pad is a powerful pain relief device. It has 150 LED diodes (90 Red 660nm and 60 Near Infrared 850nm) embedded in a flexible pad with a 90 x 9.5cm Velcro elasticised strap. Being so flexible it can be maneuvered to be used on all parts of the body from the scalp down to the feet.  An added feature is the end flap which allows the pad to be easily mounted around an arm or leg without having to use the strap. Being portable it is ideal to safely use on pets and horses. With its multiple applications it can be used to provide relaxation to muscles and relieves muscle spasms, eases joint aches, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and increases local blood circulation, accelerating healing. Unlike a heating pad, infrared light therapy works below the skin’s surface reaching deep into tissues, stimulating cells and increasing circulation to target pain at the source. 

This product can be made to be completely portable by connecting to a USB 5V 3A power bank.

Medical research and extensive clinical studies have shown that Light Therapy can dramatically reduce pain, accelerate injury recovery and rejuvenate skin.


1 x Flexible Pad 40 x 20cm

1 x USB Power Cord

1 x Controller

1 x Elasticised Strap 90 x 9.5cm

1 x Gift Box

Instruction Manual



Infrared Lights appear invisible to naked eye, so will not light up.

Extra Elasticised Straps 90 x 9.5cm are available for purchase.

Never leave your Pad plugged into power, always disconnect when finished using.

Warranty 1 Year

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