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LED Infrared & Red Light Therapy 1500 Mighty

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 Product Introduction

Our LED Infrared & Red Light Therapy Lights have a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Light therapy can be used to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti- aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more. LED Infrared & Red Light Therapy Lights safely deliver optimal wavelengths and energy levels of red and near-Infrared light without any harmful UV rays or excess heat all in the comfort of your home- most people find it to be warm and relaxing!.

LED Infrared & Red Light Therapy 1500 Mighty has 300 PCS of high power LED diodes which makes the light powerful and effective. Being wider it covers more surface area than our 1000 Super and is designed to maximise full body treatment.

It works by emitting a highly concentrated beam of 660 & 850nm light down a 60 degree arc, ensuring even body coverage. Dual switches allow for light choice, one each for red light (660nm) which is absorbed by your skin, leading to increased collagen production and optimal skin health and a switch for NIR (850nm) which penetrates deeper within your body, enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain. We recommend using both Red and NIR at the same time as it provides ultimate versatility for overall health by delivering an equal percentage of both red light and near infrared light. It is fan cooled and has some of the highest irradiance on the market.

NB- Infrared Lights appear invisible to naked eye, so will not light up.

Product Specifications

Led Chip: 300pcs LED Diodes

Avg Power: 350W

Input voltage: AC 90-265v

Colour: Deep Red 660nm: Near Infrared 850nm

Irradiance: >100mw/cm²

Lifespan: 50,000hour

Cooling: Built in Fans

Size: 910x280x70mm

N.W: 8.6KG

Warranty: 2 Years

Included: Door Mount, Hangers, Ratchet Hanging System, Instruction Manual, Power Cord and Safety Goggles



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