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LASTEK®Laser Infrared Physical Therapy Device for Arthritis Knee Joint Pain

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Product Principle

1. Knee Therapy Device Laser light penetration is 1cm to 7cm , it could promote blood circulation, and the laser energy could absorbed quickly by the cells, thus the damaged tissue and cells can be repaired.

2. Laser light therapy: improve blood rheology parameters by laser light irradiation , to eliminate the inflammation, reduce the blood viscosity and blood lipid; activating the blood cells, improve the cells deformability and oxygen carrying capacity, improve the blood flow and viscosity; Accelerate the cells metabolism and growth ,and also speed up wound healing.

3. The kneading massage: dredging the channel , relieve knee pain.

Product Advantage

1. Subvert the traditional single function of the product,most knee products only heating effect,no physical therapy function.

2. LED Touch screen display clearly visible different working mode.

3.. In line with the man-machine engineering principle,it suit for the knee,elbow and ankle;belt can be adjusted,suit for various knee.

4. Physiotherapy rehabilitation at home, no side effect,no trauma,small size and easy to carry.

Product Application

1.Rheumatoid arthritis,arthritis.
2.Joint pain,knees pain,shoulder pain.
3.Ankle pain,elbow pain,wrist pain.
4.Knee discomfort,Knee joint hyperplasia.
5.Joint swelling,sports injuries,sports sprain.

The functions of the pain therapeutic device including red light therapy, laser therapy, kneading massage and the carbon fiber far infrared thermal therapy, the treatment efficiency is obviously. Four functions into one device.

Three different working mode:
Recovery: laser, infrared, kneading,heating
Repair: laser, kneading, heating
Relaxation: infrared, kneading, heating


Laser Diode
808nm with 3pcs, totally is 540mW
LED Number
16pcs, each one is 60mW, totally is 960mW
Product Dimension
L193 x W168 x H144mm
Auto Timer
15 minutes
Heating Temperature
Low 45±3ºC,Mid 50±3ºC,High 55±3ºC
Input Voltage
AC100-240v 50/60Hz


Package Included:

1 X Pain Therapeutic Device
1 X Power Cord And Plug
1 X English User Manual



This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. LASTEK® makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin or mental condition. A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention. This device is intended only for personal household use, commercial use is not intended.

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