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LASTEK® Handheld Colorful Cold Laser Light Therapy Device For Pain Relief

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LASTEK® Handheld Colorful Cold Laser Light Therapy Device For Pain Relief

Product Principle

LLLT is a light source treatment that generates a coherent light of a single wavelength. It emits no heat, sounds or vibration. The laser's energy is used to penetrate the skin and stimulate the body's natural healing processes, by this way, every cell in the treatment area received the energy activate deep tissue repair. Laser irradiation can diminish inflammation to edema fluid, accelerate the activity of lymphocytes and the body's self-healing system, accelerate the secretion of analgesic substances, reduce the sensitivity of the peripheral nerve, thus for pain treatment.

Relief Body Pain
Low level laser therapy can penetrate deeply into the body to diminish pain and stimulate healing, improving the blood circulation, diminishing the inflammation quickly.

Wood healing
Low level laser stimulate the cells to increase the production of certain enzymes which affect cell proliferation or cell division, thus increasing the healing speed of a wound.

Product Application

Product Specification

Laser wavelength
650nm±20nm , 810nm±20nm
Blue LED light wavelength
465nm ±10nm
Yellow LED light wavelength
590nm ±10nm
Timing range
10min~30min can choose
Power source
Lithiumion battery with capacity1800mAh
Battery voltage
Input power
Working environment
Temperature5ºC-40ºC , Relative humidity≤80%



Package includes:

1x Pain relief low-level cold laser device

1x Power adapter

1x Manual


1.Distance: Apply the light from 1-2 inches to the skin.
2.Session Time: Please use 2 times a day for about 30 minutes for each time. 7-10 days for one treatment course.After 7-10 days. Stop one or two days. Then,continue for next course. No side effects under the long-term use.Make sure to stay hydrated during the treatment.
3.Light Area: Led Light can be applied to any area of the body,except the eyes. 



This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. LASTEK® makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin or mental condition. A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention. This device is intended only for personal household use, commercial use is not intended. As a therapeutic device, LLLT has achieved a FDA low-risk general wellness status.

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